Wellness Services

Key Features:

1.  Detailed one to one counseling

2.  Body composition analysis

3.  Health parameters (BP/pulse/blood sugar), Complete physical assessment

4.  Medical file and fitness file

5.  Postural analysis

6.  Life style counseling

7.  Exercise counseling by Physiotherapist

8.  Nutritional counseling

9.  Regular basis fitness and vital assessment

We believe exercise is medicine, in the same way as your doctor prescribe medication, Our DOCTOR OF EXERCISE (Physiotherapist/Wellness Consultant) prescribe right exercise after thoroughly analysis and examination in counseling( Body composition analysis, posture analysis fitness assessment etc).

With the correct dosage and frequency, exercise can have a great impact on the body.

Time is precious and we ensure our members receive a quality thought out plan, to achieve tremendous fitness results based on your goals.

LAKHOZ delivers your fitness program with recommended durations and speed, along with strength training volumes and intensities.

What assessments are involved?
LAKHOZ begins with screening and assessment which involve baseline measurements of: Height & Weight, Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Blood sugar, Cardio vascular fitness as well as Endurance and Flexibility.

SMART Goals are also assessed, ensuring that you are continually progressing toward and meeting your goals.

How much does Lakhoz cost?
Compared to Personal Training, which can cost up to 3000 to 12000 per month, Prescriptive Exercise is a low cost option, still incorporating professional oversight and assessment while encouraging independence and personal accountability.