Aqua Exercise Program

Swimming is an ideal option for all those people who love cardio but do not like working up a sweat. It s a fun way to get healthy, fit and also gives therapeutic benefits to the mind. Whether a man or a woman, young or adult, beginner or experienced, everyone can benefit from swimming.

Aqua Exercise Program

1.  The buoyancy of the water reduces joint loading (Joint Impact), which is particularly
    beneficial all joint Problems as well as to help manage chronic pain.

2.  We provide aqua rehab exercise program and aqua Aerobics/zumba.

Aqua exercises for who suffer from:

1.  Arthritis(Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis Osteo arthritis).

2.  Back pain or Back problems.

3.  Knee pain or knee injuries.

4.  Obesity etc.